About us

About us

What do the creators of Bento-Box.it have in common? Nothing, absolutely nothing but throwing themselves headlong into this crazy project and giving in to the unbridled passion for all that is Japanese, funny, colorful and above all practical.

From the Japanese tradition, here are the fantastic bento boxes that will allow you to bring with you a meal to eat at work or even outdoors. You can have fun by matching different dishes inside the trays with lid, equipped with separators for food.

You can choose whether to compose a healthy and light meal to finally devote yourself to the so-called infamous diet, or decide not to care about the upcoming bikini season because, after all, how not surrender the snug cuddle of a generous portion of lasagna? Cheer up your grey and monotonous lunch break with a colorful, fun and unique bento box.

Bento-Box.it is happy to propose the latest news, 100 Made in Japan.

The team


Despite her South American origins she is the most punctual. She makes everybody toe the line, but more importantly, she makes ends meet. The best way to make her happy is to give her Miyajima’s Momiji Manju, maple leaf-shaped cakes made with buckwheat and rice dough and stuffed with Anko, Azuki paste (sugary soybeans) or chocolate.


She is the group’s wisewoman: let’s say that it’s an elegant way not to point out that she’s the oldest one. Having got to the “midway of the journey of her life”, she realized that she will never get rich selling her famous watercolors. She made a virtue of necessity and launched herself on the web. She would kill for a katsu sando, the Japanese cutlet sandwich.


He’s the man of the team. Yes, he is the only one of the four “wearing trousers”: the “zubons” (white cotton pants used in Karate). In fact, we say he mastered bento box black belt (Kuro-Obi): he tested them all. Meticulous and attentive, nothing gets past him, you can possibly try to bribe him with a plate of steaming tempura.


She’s a clumsy latecomer, but that’s the price to pay for the team to experience the thrills of the unpredictable. She eventually makes it up by inviting everyone over to her house for original and unique events. What does she put in her Bento Box? Definitely the chirashi don: a generous portion of gohan (white rice) covered with assorted sashimi